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dovoto On August - 21 - 2009

The next live tutorial is scheduled for the 24th of August (Monday) at 7pm pst.

This may run a bit long as I am going to do a bit of a C review before getting on to DS programming.


  1. C review
  2. Getting Input
  3. Simple Sprites

Have room for 18 people to attend the live VYEW session, if it looks like I will have more interest  I can expand the seats but it costs more…donations welcome ;)


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7 Responses

  1. Wisler says:

    Great Work. Is it possible to save the video that i can run it on my dvd player??

  2. Nekete says:

    I have downloaded it with the firefox’s download helper (in .flv format).

    Thanks for the video!

  3. dovoto says:

    Thanks for the tip, i need to do some more editing before i post an easier download link. And I hope to get the lecture from the 24th cleaned up for post this weekend..

  4. jstart says:

    Love these tutorials! Please keep up the great work :)

  5. KillScreen says:

    Is it just me, or is the second video the same as the first? The link to the notes and source code is for the second tute.

  6. Saber Mage says:

    Will this course be continuing any time soon? Or at all? Just curious, as these first two have been extremely helpful! In any case, thanks for your work on them thus far. Crossing my fingers for the next!

  7. Steve says:

    I would like to see more but like KillScreen said the first appears to be the same as the second online.

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