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dovoto On August - 19 - 2009

Well, my first live broadcast went off without too many issues.  Not a whole lot of people showed up but then I only gave them a couple of hours notice so it was to be expected.


The edited high quality version of the event is uploaded to the video tutorials page so if you missed it or got stuck watching the low quality ustream then you can take a peak.




Check this page from time to time as I will post the schedule as it solidifies.  Hope to have the next two lessons next week. 

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  1. Cthulhu32 says:

    Excellent beginners tutorial on how to start with libnds. I remember when I first started homebrewing on the gba using Devkit Arm and the setup was a MUCH bigger hassle. Its awesome how easy you and Wintermute and everyone who’s worked on these projects have made it for anyone to dive in.

    Also maybe a suggestion for a later tutorial, how to debug an application properly. I know there’s a couple of ways to do this including sending info over the wifi, but I am definitely curious to see what you think is the best way to debug using libnds.

  2. KillScreen says:

    Hey Jason… Just stumbled across your videos. I can’t thank you enough. After spending the last five nights pulling my hair out looking for some kind of introduction to DS homebrew that didn’t involve trying to connect three pieces of conflicting software, the first video was a godsend. Great overview, and good progression of material. One small problem, though. After watching I wanted to go back and do the HelloWorld practical following your steps, but there’s no ability to select where to start the video from (other than the very start). Just something to consider. Once again, though: thank you!

  3. Will says:

    Hey, similar to above, I stumbled upon a real gem here, thanks for the vid!

    A real inspiration, I wish there were more experianced programmers out there willing to give a helping hand to us newbs :D

    Keep upo the great work and thanks again, W.

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